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How to lose weight without starving

‘Starvation is not the answer.’- Dr V T Jadhav

People have been dieting since ages to achieve desired weight loss and they actually have but it doesn’t last long once the diet concludes. Most diets that we know today are focused on the number of calories consumed and advocate that the lesser the number of calories we consume the more weight loss can be achieved. Starvation is considered to be an integral part of diets that are widely popular and marketed today. Starving the body of food seems to directly proportional to the amount of calories consumed. But is it all that we need to know before starving our body? How to lose weight without starving the body and bearing so much pain?

Dr V T Jadhav is an obesity expert and also has been a fitness guide to many with weight issues and desiring weight loss. According to him starvation is not the answer to attain weight loss. Following some weight loss tips given in the papers or magazines that encourage starving, skipping meals, eliminating important nutritious foods from the diet should be avoided. Argumentatively, weight loss tips are based on myths and mostly fail to identify with the actual science involved.

Dr V T Jadhav explains that when you do not eat food, you let the body suffer due to hunger. The body is not used to this and assumes that you cannot eat food because there is some kind of famine-like situation. Due to this, it starts adapting to the situation and begins storing whatever little food you eat in the form of fats in the body. So even if you experience weight loss, it is not long lasting and bounces back the moment you stop your dieting. This is not healthy at all since the starvation makes your body suffer.

Dr V T Jadhav explains that no matter where the calories come from, they are converted to glucose. It does not matter if they are coming from proteins, carbohydrates or fats; they are utilized by the body in the form of glucose. The body needs a regular, healthy supply of food from time to time to function effectively without damaging its working in hormonal, metabolic or any other way.

To know how to lose weight, Dr V T Jadhav advises people to follow diets that long term weight loss and do not harm the body. Instead of starving the body, it is always better to consult a doctor and only then embark on a weight loss problem. There are be serious nutritional deficiencies and recurring health issues if meals are skipped frequently, leading to anything but weight loss. How to lose weight through diets can be better understood under medical supervision and by taking good care of your body.

Starvation is not the answer, Dr V T Jadhav reiterates, since he believes weight loss tips which are not formulated based on actual science but short term results should be completely left out of the weight loss process.

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