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Sleep better , to help in Weight loss.

Many books have been written on importance of so called healthy eating and exercises to lose weight.

But the most important  cause to weight gain is lack of good Sleep and Stress. A bad night rests causes release of stress hormones  steroids which cause increased formation of fats, same with stress. 

The best example of this is people gaining weight after long term steroid therapy for diseases such as Bronchial Asthma or Rheumatoid Arthritis. Along with a proper Weight loss program, see that you sleep well minimum 7-8 hours.


1) Wear Comfortable and loose clothes for the night.

2) Do not play with smartphones and watch news or videos.

3) Have a light dinner.

4) Do not take tea or coffee after 6 P.M.

5)  To cover urself take suitable sheets as per weather.

6) If unable to Sleep, play a instrumental audio.

7) Avoid exercising during evening, as that makes your body alert.

You can yourself Check your weight, the next morning when there was disturbed sleep and you will see that weight will increase by 200-300 gms.

Weight loss is not complicated and small changes in lifestyle ,without eating less causes weight loss which can be maintained.

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• Sleep better , to help in Weight loss.

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