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What time of Walking in better for Weight loss?

It is advocated that one should walk for 3-5 kms on a daily basis to lose weight. But do we do that right?

We see so many people walking in the mornings or in the evening. Many people believe that walking empty stomach will burn away there calories and hence reduce fats. However if one does any form of exercises without giving energy to the body, the starvation response gets activated  and instead of burning fats , one tends to form fats. 

To get the maximum benefit of walking or any form of exercises, it is nescessory that one hydrates well and have some energy giving food such as sugar in any drin or biscuits before walking. Even chocholates will do!

Diabetics will benefit from exercises in form of better regulation of sugar. Any form of exercises are recommended to tone the body and increase the stamina.

Just by doing walking, there is no fat loss, and one needs to eat in a proper manner to achieve weight loss.

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