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Most of the urban families have bought a treadmill in order to lose weight. However the fever to lose weight subsides in a few weeks time and the treadmill becomes a convenient place to hang the clothes. Most treadmills are gathering dust in a spare room. :-)

  Why this is so? Because walking on a treadmill is a big bore as compared to walking outdoors, where there is refreshing Scenerio. You can talk to friends while walking and make the activity more interesting.

 But does walking cause weight loss?

You will be surprised to know that Walking does not cause any Weight loss. 


One hour walking, depending of 1. Weight of Person 2. Incline 3. Speed usually causes Calorie buring of of 100 to 150 Calories per hour. So lets take the maximum possible

Calories burned and multiple by 25 days walking. 150 X 25= 3750 Calories per month.

As you know the Calorie Value of 1 gm Fats is 11 Calorie, that means  one burns exactly

340 g of fats, when walking for 25 days a month for 1 hr per day.

And gaining all 340 gms is just equal to eating one meal extra.

Doesnt make sense!!!   

Actually any exercises are meant for Fitness, strenthening the bones and muscles and increasing Stamina and has no effect on reducing body fats. When one does exercises by joining gym, one follows a severe reduction in food consumption which causes weight loss and not the body movements.

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Above views are of Dr. Vinay Jadhav, qualified Doctor.


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