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Many types of Vibrators are being used for Weight loss by many Centers. One of them as shown in above picture. There are various models costing even upto Rs 35000.   On the internet there are many claims that just doing 2-3 sessions of 15 minutes each one can lose between 5-10 kg a month.
Well the answer is a BIG NO.
If just by vibration one can lose weight, then why America ,where money is not a problem, everyone would have become thin. JUST THINK ABOUT  IT!
Basically these machines are used for psychological benefit during a weight loss program. This is how they work. A client is Weighed before the vibratory sessions after full urination,  say it is 78.4 kg.After 1  hour of vibratory machines, the client is once again weighed after full urination. The weight reduces by 400 gms and shows 78 kg. Then it is claimed that there is 400 gms weight loss in the session and then one is advised to eat less, walk more,etc. Its the Clients responsibility to maintain the weight at 78 kg bbefore the next session otherwise the session is refused. The Client does not realize that the 400 gms of loss was actual loss of water by way of urination and sweat  after the session, and not actual fat loss.
 There is no medical basis that any such machines which causes vibrations cause any weight loss. For fat to be lost they need to follow a biochemical pathways.
  Beware of such machines and next time you go for such sessions, do not urinate before taking the post session weight.
Weight loss is not complicated but a very simple process. To know more how to lose weight ,please visit our home page.

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