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"You have tried and failed at weight loss through dieting, exercise, pills, medicines, machines and belts."

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"If not lost weight, 100% Money Back Guarantee. "
*(TC Apply)

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"No need to eat salads or reduce rotis and rice. Eat normal, tasty food including noodles and chocolates."

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Lose Weight Easily and Naturally!

1) Are you frustrated with your weight problem?
2) Have you tried everything to lose weight by dieting, Medicines, meal replacement by shakes, gyms, wonder medicines, Green Tea/coffee, etc?
3) After many weight loss efforts, are you unhappy with the weight loss results?
4) Have you lost few kg of weight and regained all the lost weight within months?
5) You DO NOT want to be hungry and become weak and lose hairs and have loose Skin?

If answer is Yes to all the questions, then read further. (this weight loss program is NOT for those who can do dieting and exercises or are happy with their weight)

The Secret Ancient Indian knowledge to control weight was in the Spices. Everyone knows the benefits of Cinnamon (Daalchini) in weight reduction, but do not know how much and when to take that. Just taking cinnamon tea is not enough. With cinnamon many more spices help in weight management like Kesar,Hing,Iliachi, Jayphal,Laung, etc. No Ayurvedic Medicines.

Know the ancient Indian technique of Weight reduction with Spices and normal food . Expected weight loss is ½ kg to 1 kg per week after first 15 days, as there is no dieting. Trying to lose more weight by any method is harmful to the body.

Call/SMS/Whatsapp to Doctor - 8378951268
Know the ULTIMATE secret of losing weight easily and permanently without the pain of dieting and strenuous exercise. Get back to living a carefree and happy life without any side effects.
1) Eat normal food- roti, rice, bread, noodles, bread, Daal, subzi, etc, any qty, simple guidance will be given by qualified Doctors. No need to reduce the food and eat boring stuff such as Soya products and wheat bran.
2) Herbs and Spices in proper proportions-( Dalchini, Ajwain, Hing, Kesar, etc) We will send that home, cash on delivery or online payment options. To be taken with water or buttermilk after meals.

डिग्री प्राप्त डॉक्टर्स के वजन घटने के प्रोग्राम में जॉइन करें और सही मार्गदर्शन लें. भूखा रहके कोई वजन कम नहीं होता, बल्कि पेट भर सही ढंग से खाइये और वजन पे कंट्रोल रखें हमेशा हमेशा के लिए. कोई डाइटिंग करने की जरूरत नहीं. जितनी चाहिए रोटी और राइस खाइये, नूडल्स और ब्रेड खा सकते. बस खाने के साथ या खाने के बाद हर्ब्स और मसाला पाउडर का सेवन कीजिये जिसे हम भेजेंगे आर्डर करने के बाद. हिंदी में भी मार्गदर्शन उपलब्ध.

Amita Shah, Mumbai - After losing 12 kg over 3 months, am feeling fresh and energetic.
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If not lost weight, then 100% Money back Guarantee
100% मनी बेक गॅरंटी , अगर वजन कम नहीं हुआ तो .
*(T & C apply)

1) Platinum Weight loss Program Rs 6299/- (saving of Rs 2700/- )
Two months Program and extra one month FREE(limited period offer) 
Best maximum 30 % discounted Program. 

2) Gold Weight loss Program Rs 2999/-
One  month program 

Handling and Courier charges extra Rs 299/-

3. VIP Program Rs 7999/-
For those who do not want any supplements and just want proper Guidance and counseling. Arya Herbs and Spices will not be sent, and exact formula will be sent, which can be prepared at home, yourself. Online Payment or Bank deposit only. 

4) VIP Weight loss Program for International  Patients - US$ 150

EXPECTED RESULTS-  In 3 months time we expect safe and healthy weight loss of 5-10 kg, under proper medical guidance. One can continue with the Program till one achieves the ideal body weight.

वेट लोस प्रोग्राम में पहले १५ दिनों के बाद ०.५ से १ किलो वजन हर हफ्ते कम होना चाहिए

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Technical information---

Fat formation is automatic process governed by Hypothalamus. There is a fat switch like body temperature regulator which decided how much fats are to made or burnt. Fat formation is a defensive mechanism of body in response to faulty eating habits.

Each food (Carbohydrates) has a glycaemic index, meaning how much blood glucose will be formed. If blood glucose is maintained in a band, wherein the fat switch knows that proper energy levels are maintained in the body, the setting of fat switch are lowered.

Body does not count calories; rather the body needs glucose round the clock to enable mobilization and reduction of fats. Knowing the glycaemic index of all food, we advise a food plan along with herbs and Spices, in which there is no need to eat less and satisfying hunger is important.

The food pattern decides the weight. Quantity of food does not matter.

If you read about the Krebs cycle(Energy burning reaction in mitochondria), you will come across that Oxalo acetate is a catalyst in the process of burning glucose and fatty acids to ADP and ATP (energy). Spices may act as catalyst in the Krebs cycle.

Dr. Vinay Jadhav’s Weight Loss Program has been developed after a scientific study of all these aspects. The program intends to condition your body in a way that it loses the fats naturally. No medicine or any drugs are required and no reduction of food is required.

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How to lose weight – Facts you should know

Facts about food: Every food (carbohydrates) that you intake is ultimately converted into glucose. This list includes sugar, wheat, rice and so on. No matter what the source of these carbohydrates, the resulting product will be glucose. Thus, no food can be called healthy or unhealthy. So bread is the same as roti or noodles; samosa is like poori and aloo sabzi. None are unhealthy.

Facts about exercise: All forms of exercises have very little effect on the fat in the body. Acceptable results are achieved when exercise is combined with dieting. However, when dieting stops, people tend to eat wrongly (right food at wrong time) as before because of their cravings and regain all the lost weight and sometimes more.

Facts about Dr. Vinay Jadhav’s Weight Loss Program: This program is based on simple logical principle of keeping your stomach full. This helps you keep away frustration at missing out on favourite foods and increases the chance of good results. This is why this program is superior to most weight loss programs which advice reduction of food intake with tasteless wheat bran or soya products. Losing weight with Dr. Vinay Jadhav’s Weight Loss Program is easy and hence maintaining the lost weight is also easy.

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Why our Weight loss Program, when there are so many options?

  1. No side effects, as it is developed by an experienced and qualified doctor.
  2. No strict diet to follow or no exercise regime. Simple to follow food plan wherein no limit to roti or rice.
  3. No hunger spells, weakness, saggy skin or anything you do not like to do.
  4. Focus on inch loss problems in the thigh area, waist-line, hips and stomach.
  5. No calorie restrictions. Intake of alcohol, non-veg, fried food is not asked to be restricted (if preferred).
  6. The weight loss program is carried out at home in your private space.

Weight loss achieved can be maintained through the guidance and our advice easily.

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Get rid of weight loss misconceptions

1) Thyroid Problem causes weight gain. Yes Hypothyroid problem may cause weight gain, but if you are taking proper treatment for thyroid, then T3,T4 and TSH levels are normal and hence thyroid problem people on treatment can also lose weight.

2) Sitting job is causing weight gain. Ask a question, are all people with sitting jobs have gained weight? Answer is NO. So sitting job is not the cause of weight gain.

3) Rice causes weight gain. All of South India, people eat kilos of rice, is everyone overweight? Regular Rice eating does not cause weight gain at all.

4) Sugar Causes weight gain. Not at all, Sugar if consumed at proper time helps in weight loss.

5) Fried food causes weight gain. Not at all, as most deep fried items have very less oil to cause weight gain, and fats are required by the body for smooth functioning.

6) Bread and fast food causes weight gain- All food are either carbohydrates or proteins or fats. So bread of roti is the same as glucose is released in the body when both are digested.

7) Polycystic Ovarian Disease causes Weight gain. Not at all true, rather Weight gain causes PCOD.

8) No time for exercises hence weight gain. Normal physical activity burns too little energy to cause any weight loss.

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Who is it for?

The program is for everyone who has weight problems. People with health problems (both men and women) can lose weight without any side effects. This program is especially for you if you have Thyroid, Hypertension, Diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease, Raised Cholesterol, Stomach Ailments, Piles, Poly Cystic Ovaries, etc. We also advice weight loss tips and diet for women who are trying to conceive but are unable to do so due to weight issues. The program has also given good results to lactating mothers and males and females between ages 15 to 70 years.

I wish to lose weight, but not now, as there is a vacation being planned, or next week is Pinky’s Birthday or next month is Monty’s marriage. There are hundreds of reasons to postpone the weight loss efforts. One can postpone weight loss efforts for years, as in India there is a festival or program every week. So take the decision and ACT NOW.

If you are one of the many who have tried every measure to lose weight but could not achieve it, then Dr Vinay Jadhav’s Weight Loss Program is your answer. To increase your success chances, you will be guided by the experienced team during the weight loss program.

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